Remote Staffing Must Reads from Our Founders


Five Considerations For Business Owners Looking To Build A Location-Independent Team

I’ve been monitoring the transition from location-dependence to location-independence among workers, and, by paying close to attention to this next phase of the death of distance, businesses can take advantage of all it has to offer.

Startup Collective

3 Reasons Global Talent is a Solution for a Local Shortage

Opening up to a wider talent pool can often bring new ideas and more flexibility into an organization. But why limit it to hiring only people from the same country as you?

Startup Grind

2 Things Great Founders Do When It’s Time To Hire

Having the "right team"​ in place is often cited as a critical success factor for founders who want to grow faster. But, successful founders know that the "right team" also changes as you grow.


Managing Global Talent: Is a Remote Team Right for Your Business?

People around the world are motivated by different things. What people value is influenced by their culture, and companies should try to understand what motivates specific people to perform...

Chicago Tribune

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Outsource

Sometimes companies outsource too much. Those that are looking to outsource — especially startups and fast-growth businesses — need to think carefully about what benefits they are truly pursuing, then determine how to get those benefits while retaining as much control and quality as possible.

AMEX Open Forum

A Guide to Hiring Workers in Developing Markets

As more people work remotely, smart business owners know they are missing out if they don't look for quality talent outside of their local labor pool. But it can be a big decision to open up your hiring to people farther away than the morning commute.

Startup Grind

3 Practical Things You Can Do Today to Expand Your Hiring Pool

What should growing companies do to face their hiring challenges? Here are 3 simple things you can do today to broaden your hiring pool and ensure you are ready to power your growth with the right people.

Staffing Stream

It’s Not Just a Gig Economy: 4 Things Pushing Your Job Online Too

The truth is, not all companies, and not all employees, will want to do task-based work, serving multiple “clients” and having to build what is essentially a one-man freelancer entrepreneurial operation. But just because they don’t want to enter into the gig economy, doesn’t mean these professionals don’t want to work online.