"Bolton is the onramp to successful distributed teams. Couple this with modern online collaboration tools, and it takes zero extra effort to make the switch to a successful distributed team. Since we first took Bolton for a test drive, our partnership with Bolton has become core to our business. Our remote team has grown and is fully integrated with our local team."

Jamey Taylor, TicketBiscuit


Save over 50% and fill your next opening remotely.

Companies using Bolton Remote saved on fixed labor cost and sourcing timeframes throught rapid access to affordable, ready to hire, dedicated remote staff.

We protect businesses from offshore hiring complexities with a solution that includes talent quality assurance, pro-active staff retention practices, a fully-serviced office, competitive HR benefits and complete enterprise-level risk management.


Fast, on-demand recruitment

No more waiting and searching for months. Only interview qualified candidates, and have smart, skilled professionals onboard in less than 5 days.

HR or Admin

No HR or admin headaches

We employ your staff for you, and handle all HR so you can do what you do best. Your staff's work is 100% managed by you, but it is 100% supported by us.

Safe and office-based

Safe and office-based

In many countries, work-from-home simply doesn't work. That’s why we operate co-working spaces so your team can get work done in a secure, safe environment.

Use Bolton Remote to access passionate,
smart people with these skillsets:

  • Marketing



    SEO Specialists, Marketing Assistants, PR Specialists, Social Media Specialists, Technical Writers, Content Writers, Copywriters, Editors, Script Writers, Authorware Programmers, Digital Marketing Specialists, PPC Specialists

  • Creatives



    Animators, Website Designers, Graphic Designers, Creative Directors, UI/UX Designers, Illustrators, Interior Designers, Art Directors, Audio Engineers, Storyboard Artists, Presentation Specialists, 3D Modelers, Instructional Systems Designers, Video Editors

  • Office & Admin

    Office & Admin


    Executive Assistants, Researchers, Receptionists, Administrative Assistants, Customer Service Representatives, Data Entry Specialists, HR Assistants, Medical Transcriptionists

  • Accounting & Finance

    Accounting & Finance


    Bookkeepers, Accounting Assistants, Accounts Payable Assistants, Accounts Receivables Assistants, Financial Analysts, Credit & Collections Assistants, Payroll Clerks, Tax Preparation Clerks

  • Sales



    Sales Analysts, Business Development Analysts, Sales Callers

  • Technology



    iOS Developers, Wordpress Developers, Java Developers, .NET Developers, PHP Developers

  • Engineering



    CAD Specialists, Architectural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Design Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers

  • Legal



    Discovery Reviewers, Case Study Researchers, Document Coders, Paralegals, Legal Word Processors, Office Clerks, Docket/Calendar Clerks, Legal Secretaries

Picking from thousands of candidates means nothing if selecting the right person is difficult. It's not about having tons of options, it's about you finding the right remote person for your team.
And we're here to help.

Starting with Bolton Remote

Step 1

You check profiles of talented remote people.

Start by viewing live videos of pre-screened interviews. We believe in quality, not quantity - so you won't get overwhelmed with hundreds of CVs.

Step 2

You interview your candidates.

Everyone has their own way of measuring the right fit for your team. We'll help guide you. Interview by video conference over Skype or Sqwiggle.

Step 3

And your remote team starts their first day with you.

A Bolton Remote customer care manager helps you get started with your team. A full customer care team is working in our offices, 24 hours a day x 5 days a week.