While working at a global consulting company, Patrick Linton and Jason Bolante recognized a disconnect in the industry: large businesses had all-access to a global network of talent anytime, but smaller firms didn’t.

Through research with small- and medium-sized companies, the duo discovered that there were in fact some resources available, but not the right kind. Freelancer sites and online staffing platforms involved restrictive work scenarios and hit-or-miss results, especially when it came to A) hiring internationally; or B) building larger, full-time teams. Companies were better off sticking close to home as the risks, difficulties, and time spent was too large for any growing small business or start up. “Offshore” had become a dirty word.

Why? A bad experience was almost guaranteed because local cultural, geographical, and social differences were not taken into consideration when engaging and managing offshore talent. Direct access to remote, overseas work-from-home freelancers was great for spec-based task work, but, was not the right way to build a reliable, long lasting capability.

Enter Bolton Remote in 2013. Patrick and Jason went on a mission to prove that companies who write off staffing roles and building teams internationally are missing out - not only on significant cost savings, but also missing out on the opportunity to help improve lives around the world. Bolton Remote was built to help companies take full advantage of the benefits of powering growth with an offshore team, while at the same time get the needed on-the-ground management support to make it a success.

Since 2013, Bolton Remote has helped 60+ exciting, innovative companies of all sizes around the world attract, build, and retain teams in the most cost-competitive talent markets. With its flagship Remote Business Centers in the Philippines, Bolton Remote supports companies across the US, Australasia, and Europe.

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