"Bolton is the onramp to successful distributed teams. Couple this with modern online collaboration tools, and it takes zero extra effort to make the switch to a successful distributed team. Since we first took Bolton for a test drive, our partnership with Bolton has become core to our business. Our remote team has grown and is fully integrated with our local team."

Jamey Taylor, TicketBiscuit


Save over 50% and fill your next opening remotely.

Companies using Bolton Remote saved on fixed labor cost and sourcing timeframes throught rapid access to affordable, ready to hire, dedicated remote staff.

We protect businesses from global hiring complexities with a solution that includes talent quality assurance, pro-active staff retention practices, a fully-serviced office, competitive HR benefits and complete enterprise-level risk management.


Fast, on-demand recruitment

No more waiting and searching for months. Only interview qualified candidates, and have smart, skilled professionals onboard in less than 5 days.

HR or Admin

No HR or admin headaches

We employ your staff for you, and handle all HR so you can do what you do best. Your staff's work is 100% managed by you, but it is 100% supported by us.

Safe and office-based

Safe and office-based

In many countries, work-from-home simply doesn't work. That’s why we operate co-working spaces so your team can get work done in a secure, safe environment.

How It Works

Step 1

You check Video Profiles of talented people located in cost-competitive countries.

Request for access to your own private talent portal of vetted people by submitting jobs here.

Step 2

You interview your candidates.

Everyone has their own way of measuring the right fit for your team. Our remote hiring experts will guide you. Interview screened, vetted candidates by video conference.

Step 3

And your dedicated staff starts their first day with you:

  • Get help with culture-specific training & management
  • Provide country-specific pay and benefits through Bolton, but pay Bolton in your home country's currency
  • Give your remote team an incredible, safe place to work with the right IT infrastructure in one of Bolton's co-working spaces
  • Get help with structuring and scaling larger teams, processes, and technology

Picking from thousands of candidates means nothing if selecting the right person is difficult. It's not about having tons of options, it's about you finding the right remote person for your team.
And we're here to help.

Why Bolton Remote?

Cut Costs

Cut costs without increasing risk.

$0 set-up fees or capital investment. Keep fixed costs low, and take advantage of our infrastructure and economies of scale.

Increase your competitiveness

Increase your competitiveness

Level your competitor playing field with others who are using outsourcing solutions and reducing their costs by hiring remote workers.

Add to your hiring channels

Add to your hiring channels.

Immediately interview vetted candidates and staff urgent positions. This is a "pay-as-you-grow" way to acquire dedicated, long-term hires.

Flexibly, reliably grow and scale

Flexibly, reliably grow and scale.

Ramp up your team when you need to, while professional on-the-ground teams protect you from administrative headaches.

Private and secure

Private and secure.

Your staff work within a secure IT infrastructure. You can have peace of mind that your IP is protected and you own 100% of the work your staff do.

Remote team experts

Remote team experts.

Building co-located remote teams is our exclusive focus, and you get personalized, responsive service from our team of remote collaboration experts.

No more “hit or miss” freelancers

No more "hit or miss" freelancers.

We save you from sifting through millions of online freelancers. You can stop worrying about being prioritized - staff are 100% dedicated to your business.

Skilled, experienced workers

Skilled, experienced workers

We find people with the right skills for the job, people who are ready on Day 1 to begin contributing to your business.