The way companies recruit, engage and manage people
is changing from location-dependent to location-independent.

Bolton Remote helps fast growing companies break free of their local hiring markets by enabling them to rapidly build and retain cost-competitive teams in the best locations in the world.

We started Bolton because we knew there was a better way that fast growing businesses could access talent remotely all over the world - especially in developing, emerging markets - and hiring a work-from-home freelancer was not one of them.

We kept hearing of businesses who would completely write off hiring people "overseas" simply because of bad experiences scaling remotely, or, due to un-managed cultural differences and perceived reliability, quality and scalability concerns with hiring people in developing countries.

But we knew from our own past experiences working for large companies that businesses who successfully tap into these dynamic, emerging talent markets reap the benefits - like cost savings, speed, access to skills, and flexibility. In short, there are great people everywhere in the world - but, in order to be successful you have to hire and engage people the right way based on the country that they are in.

So we built Bolton, with a mission is to provide a reliable way to bring together great companies with great people, regardless of nationality or geographical differences. Fast forward to today, and we have worked with some of the most forward-thinking founders & management teams across the globe, observing along the way how the best companies leverage global, remote talent to scale their processes, teams and tech, and building services and expertise specifically to meet those needs.

At the end of the day, this is about people. We make it our purpose to give incredible opportunities for the best, career-minded professionals in emerging markets to work with world class organizations, all remotely. Talent who join Bolton's platform receive guidance along the way, as well as the ability to compare new opportunities side by side so they can make a smart next career move. Companies get access to a hand-picked pool of candidates who are interested in the job and are a culture fit for the company. Bolton also provides services like helping employers train up and build larger teams and to scale people-powered processes, all the while ensuring that risks are managed at enterprise quality levels.

This is the era of remote, global workforces. Companies that adapt and integrate talent, regardless of location, will win. We believe that this is the future - we're just here to help along the way.

Patrick Linton


Jason Bolante